Is My Stress Going to Cause Alzheimer’s?

According to a study done in Sweden, women who are neurotic are “twice as likely” to develop  Alzheimer’s. This is the first study to associate the personality’s effect on the risk of Alzheimer’s, but this association does not mean your personality causes the disease. In the study, the women were assessed for levels of neuroticism and whether they were introverts or extroverts. However, head researcher Lena Johansson said, “Personality may influence the individual’s risk for dementia through its effect on behavior, lifestyle, or reactions to stress.” In this study, “twice the risk” is relative to actual risk. For instance, if the normal risk is that 1 person in 200 will develop Alzheimer’s, then twice the risk would mean 2 people in 200 will develop  Alzheimer’s.

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