How to Beat Aging

Want to know the secret to beating the effects of aging?   First, avoid exposure to free radicals, such as smoking, eating foods with trans fats or pesticides, and a diet of those that are charred from grilling. Instead, eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. Next, reduce inflammation by eating fish, nuts, and even cacao….

Depression and Inflammation

Research is showing with increasing certainty that there is a link between depression and inflammation in the brain. Long-term depression, brain scans & study results Essentially, a recent mood study consisted of 80 individuals. 25 participants experienced depression for 10 or more years but had not received treatment. Another 25 people were depressed for less than 10 years….

Finding Happiness

Everyone wants and deserves to be happy. However, it can be a struggle for some to find happiness. Relax and relate to foster more happiness One way to find happiness is by learning how to relax. We get bombarded every day by variables that cause us to feel stress and anxiety. Relax by taking deep…