client testimonials . . .

Gabriele is a very experienced and skilled therapist for all kinds of issues. Her counseling and EMDR sessions have been life-changing for me. I would recommend her therapy skills for anyone.

Gabriele is an active listener. When it comes to getting people to talk about their problems, she knows when to stay quiet and when to draw you out. She is very straightforward and delivers her observations in a way you can accept and work with—even those times when it isn’t easy to hear the truth.

After looking at my situation at work and how I was handling it, I suddenly started laughing when Gabriele helped me recognize that I was the source of the problem! I went back to my group and shared with them what I had seen and asked if they would be willing to wipe the slate clean and approach the situation anew. They enthusiastically agreed, and we are now in the process of building a powerful team where everyone contributes and feels free to voice their thoughts.

I have worked with several therapists throughout my life. Without reservation, I can recommend Gabriele as the finest. She is a truly a generous and gifted professional. Using the EMDR technique in just a few sessions, we were able to uncover and understand the source of a lifelong issue that was having an enormous impact on my relationships and my work. Productive insights continue to arise out of the work we did.

My husband and I have worked with Gabriele independently and together over the course of 15 years. Our journey with her has been life-changing. Her ability to hone in on our real issues has helped us weather many storms and grow as individuals and as a couple. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Gabriele provides an intelligent, compassionate perspective in her work. Her breadth of experience and training uniquely qualify her to council on a wide array of issues including marital, interpersonal, family, career, and work related topics. My experience working with Gabriele has enabled me to look beyond the constraints of mainstream thought in pursuit of greater, unrealized potential.

Having an unfavorable opinion about mental health professionals I did not expect much from the engagement with Gabriele. From our first meeting I was very pleasantly surprise. There are good therapists after all. Gabriele has provided me with the foundation to see my situation in a much more objective and larger perspective.

When I was on my three-week family trip to Europe I realized that indeed my EMDR work had taken hold. I didn’t even have a rise in pulse rate when presented with my old triggers. My reactivity was gone. Instead, I was able to observe what was happening and choose my responses calmly.