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Recommended resources on the web for mental health services, science and spirituality.

Amen Clinic
Brain scans give valuable pointers as to what happens in anxiety and depression.

The Arlington Institute
The Arlington Institute specializes in analyzing global futures. The Institute strives to be an agent of change by creating intellectual frameworks and tool sets for understanding the transition in which we are living.

Aaron T. Beck
In the 1960s Dr. Beck developed the system of psychotherapy called “Cognitive Therapy” (also referred to as “Cognitive Behavior Therapy” or “CBT”). Through careful research and innovative therapeutic methods, he pioneered a therapy that has been extensively tested in over 400 clinical trials and found to be effective for a wide variety of disorders including anger, depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, and personality disorders. Website provides information about the clinic, cognitive therapy, and related resources.

Brain SPECT Imaging, Inc.
Brain SPECT Imaging (BSI) is a nuclear medicine study that allows us to view the blood flow to the different regions of the Brain. With BSI we can literally look “inside the Brain”” at how the Brain itself is functioning. With BSI we can also look at the external surface of the Brain to see , in a 3-dimensional view, how well the cortex is functioning. By providing a direct link to assessing Brain perfusion, Brain SPECT Imaging has opened up a whole new era in evaluating and treating psychiatric conditions.

Bruce Fabric M.D.
Alternative psychiatry offering a bioenergetic approach using specific energy interventions that restore the bioenergetic circuits, dissolve symptoms, and support the body, mind, and emotions to rapidly return to full health.

Byron Katie
Expert in creating sanity in the life of couples.

Deepak Chopra
Official website of The Chopra Center. Offers spiritual writing and resources.

Depression Resource
Depression and anxiety can be the result of many factors in a person’s life. One factor that we hope to prevent is the result of depression as a side effect of taking certain medications. An example of one of these types of medications is the medication, Accutane, that is used to treat Acne. Current or recent users of Accutane in some cases have been known to exhibit severe depression that can ultimately lead to suicide. Our site’s mission is to provide people with a comprehensive list of medications and associated side effects to help consumers make educated decisions when it comes to taking potentially harmful medications.

Elevate Addiction Services
Elevate Addiction Services is on a mission to help people not only heal their addictive behaviors but also to help them develop more meaningful relationships and purpose-driven lifestyles.

Enneagram Worldwide
Offers seminars and training and free Enneagram test.

The Health Detectives
Offers cutting edge approach in energy medicine.

Light Living Program
Light Living Program and integrative nutrition counseling

The Institute of Noetic Sciences
The Institute of Noetic Sciences conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness— including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The Institute explores phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.

Oneness Movement
Spiritual movement . . .

Self Awareness Weekend (SAW)
The Self-Awareness Weekend (SAW) is an intensive 2 ½ day counseling program in Sacramento. It is designed to clear away issues for anger, anxiety, addictions, abuse of any kind, depression, divorce, fear, stress, grief, relationship problems, domestic violence, unresolved childhood issues, traumas, or any self-sabotaging problem. Two of the treatment modalities used to get permanent results are EMDR and hypnotherapy.