counseling approach . . .

While trained in many different approaches, Gabriele frequently uses the Enneagram as a tool to help clients recognize their habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and reacting to life. With the Enneagram tool you will be able to understand and stop repeating ineffective behaviors which have kept you stuck. The Enneagram is very powerful in helping couples stop being judgmental and critical about their differences and find solutions that work for both of them.

Gabriele is highly successful in helping people deal with anger, depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, sexual jealousy, guilt, and self-blame. While medication prescribed by a psychiatrist can be extremely helpful to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, or anger, over time it may disguise what is happening on the inside of a person.

Gabriele uses EMDR (Eye-Movement-Desensitization-Reprocessing), a technique originally developed to overcome post-traumatic stress disorders, to deal with negativity, irritability, chronic stress patterns, and unhappiness.

This treatment approach allows you to uncover and let go of those negative beliefs and emotions held deep within your neuro-network that cause emotional over-reactivity and knee-jerk reactions.

EMDR is highly effective in eliminating dysfunctional behavior patterns which stubbornly remain unchanged by rational thoughts, good intentions, or determination.

marriage counseling . . .

Whether your relationship is going through a particularly difficult time or is about to end in divorce, Gabriele helps you understand the underlying dynamics of your painful interactions and avoid further damage to you and the relationship. Most couples fight over one or two issues-disguised as many different disagreements. Clarifying the root cause of the turmoil and misperceptions can open doors and create new possibilities.

Your relationship is a system in which each partner affects the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the other. Ideally, both partners come to counseling, but agreeing to see a therapist together sometimes can be too much of an obstacle. When even one person in a relationship learns how to stop being emotionally over-reactive, the system of that relationship can be impacted in major ways.